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How we do it

You Pay Nothing Up Front. We Only Get Paid If You Get Paid. You Have Nothing to Lose!

Review Your Case

First you tell us the details of your situation. We review the facts and let you know if you have a good case and if we should move forward.

Get To Work

If we are a good fit than we get to work immediately. We reach out to the other side and try to negotiate what you are rightfully owed.

A Great Result

We work hard to get the best possible result and payout for you in each case. We always have your best interest in mind and can trust we will fight for you.

It was so awesome to have someone fight for me that truly cared. My attorneys felt really bad for how I was treated in my workplace and they made sure that my ex boss was not going to get away with it.
Allen Rogers
My company treated me terribly and it was extremely humiliating. It was not only satisfying that my lawyers recovered all the money that I was owed but also they were taught a lesson that you cant get away with treating people like that without consequences.
Jessica Lark


Our mission is to look out for the little guy and make sure they get the justice they deserve if their workplace rights have been violated.

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